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APS Together reimagines the book club. It has three guiding principles: We read daily. We read slowly, a half-hour each day. We read imaginatively, miscellaneously, individually. A different writer serves as the host for each book, and every morning they share observations and reflections on that day’s pages. APS Together readers (we hope that will include you!) contribute their own comments and questions throughout the day. We read mostly novels, and occasionally short-story collections and poetry; most APS Together book clubs last about two weeks. At the end of each book club, the host joins A Public Space editor Brigid Hughes for a conversation on Zoom.

APS Together was established in March 2020, with a collective reading of War and Peace hosted by Yiyun Li. (Tolstoy Together compiled that experience into a book, which you can find here). Since then, Garth Greenwell, Elizabeth McCracken, Ed Park, Aimee Bender, Carl Phillips, Dorthe Nors, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Paul Lisicky, Idra Novey, Lynn Steger Strong, and Lan Samantha Chang, among others, have served as APS Together hosts. We’ve read books by Henry James, Natalia Ginzburg, James Baldwin, Jane Bowles, Charles Portis, Wisława Szymborska, William Maxwell, Qiu Miaojin, Machado de Assis, Jane Austen, and more. APS Together originally took place on Twitter, but starting in 2023, we’re reading together here on Substack. You can find the APS Together archive on A Public Space’s website here.

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A Public Space publishes a literary and arts magazine three times a year. It’s been called a “cabinet of curiosities,” and brings together contemporary writers, work in translation, and overlooked work from the past. An issue might include a story by Jhumpa Lahiri alongside a seventh-century poem translated from the Arabic. You might be introduced to the work of writers like Ada Zhang and Edward McWhinney. Or encounter the artist Dorothea Tanning’s journals, Jamel Brinkley’s debut story, Deborah Taffa’s memoir of the Yuma Nation, Robert Sullivan’s portrait of the Meadowlands, John Haskell’s film essays, Claire Messud’s family history. 

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Read with APS Together. Discover a different way to book club.


A Public Space is an independent nonprofit publisher of an award-winning literary and arts magazine and A Public Space Books. And the host of APS Together, a series of virtual book clubs.